Photo by  Christina Gandolfo

Lynn Marie Gray

Lynn Gray brings 20 plus years of luxury client and creative services experience calling on the talents and knowledge she has acquired throughout her career. Lynn delivers a professional and creative brand of service dedicated to client satisfaction.

Lynn has enjoyed careers as both a commercial designer, focusing on retail and graphic design, and also as a personal chef. 

In 2010 Lynn launched a digital media design project, Bijouxs Little Jewels from the Kitchen, including a digital cookbook. Lynn is responsible for ideation, branding, and creates all content on the website, which includes photography, styling, and marketing via social media platforms.

Her food blog, Bijouxs Little Jewels from the Kitchen, combines those interests and inspires home cooks to create simple, beautiful food while capturing the beauty of food and its context as seen through a designer’s eyes.

Always the designer, Lynn created a digital cookbook companion to the blog, “Family & Friends” is available at her website (

Her photography has been featured in Pasadena Magazine, Gardenista, and PopSugar Food. Lynn has been featured in Pasadena Magazine, Food & Wine Fall 2010 and as one of the 9 Groundbreaking Women in 2013.